The Balanced Egg

The Vernal Equinox is a pivotal time of the year in which the day is of equal light and darkness (Equinox) and spring (Vernal) begins. It is a time of regeneration and hope. It is said that at the precise moment of the vernal equinox the earth is in such perfect balance that an egg set on end will stand upright.

In Saxon myth, the Goddess Oestre is said to have anxiously awaited the Golden egg of the Sun to be laid by her beloved Moon- hare. (Early ancestor of the Easter Bunny) The egg of the Sun was the gift of life.

In Egypt the egg represents creation, in China people made eggs to give as symbols of affection, the Ukrainian pysanky egg was given for fertility and protection and the Maioris buried their love ones with an egg in their hand for resurrection. In all cultures and religions the egg has been revered.

This representation of the egg is then a wish for and symbol of perfect balance, rebirth, hope, life and love.

Some can be worn, but all are to be set on end for everyone to enjoy.


Properties of Gemstones

Agate : Brings riches
Amethyst :
Stone of spirituality and contentment
Aquamarine :
Stone of courage
Aventurine :
Enhances the pioneering spirit
Black Coral :
Inspires original thinking
Carnelian :
Imparts awareness
Chalcedony :
Promotes stability & balances enerby
Citrine :
Helps wearer acquire and maintain wealth
Insures love & harmony& dispels anger
Garnet :
Brings forth creative powers
Green Tourmaline :
Inspires compassion
Emerald :
Stone of successful love
Jade :
Facilitates peace
Moonstone :
Stone of new beginnings
Onyx :
Stimulates wise decision making
Opal :
Helps recognize and feel creativity
Pearl :
Enhances personal integrity
Peridot :
Emits a warm and friendly energy
Pink Coral :
Stimulates sensitivity
Quartz :
Stone of power
Red Coral :
Brings harmony
Red Spinel :
Provides strength to wearer
Ruby :
Stone of nobility
Sapphire :
Attributes mystical knowledge to wearer
Strawberry Quartz :
Fills wearer with love
Turquoise :
Provides protection to wearer
White Sapphire :
Provides focus to wearer